Your brand will define how potential customers view your business

If you’re new to the marketplace or want to refresh your business’ public image, then the first step is to look at branding. Your brand will define how potential customers view your business, which makes it a vital part of your overall strategy. Our branding services cater to every aspect of your brand, from the initial strategy down to the logo animation on a website video.


Brand Strategy

How people view your business will ultimately come down to how they perceive your brand, which is consists of a number of different components.

This includes elements such as your visual appearance (logo, colour palette etc), tone (copywriting), quality of products and customer service.

Brand Naming

A great brand begins with a great name, which encapsulates what your brand is all about.
Often an under appreciated aspect of branding, a brand’s name actually says a lot about it. When named well, it can speak directly to the target audience.

Style Guides

‘style guide’ is a document that outlines the standards for the writing and design of all material that is associated with your brand.

It includes elements such as fonts, colours, sizing and tone of voice. Style guides also make it easier when multiple people need to work on different elements of a brand, as each have a concrete set of rules to adhere to.


‘Copy’ is the written element of your brand. Whether it’s the “About Us” section of your website, or the headline of your retargeting ad, it’s all copy. If your brand were a person, then the ‘copy’ would be the words coming out of its mouth.

Video Production

When it comes to branding, videos have a lot of potential to connect with customers in a variety of different ways.
Considering how YouTube boasts that mobile video consumption increases by 100% every year and that 90% of users say that seeing a video about a product is helpful in the decision process (source – Insivia), it’s clear that videos have become a major part of the digital world.