Call Tracking

Track your calls.

Our call tracker allows you to have more control over the calls coming into your business.

Firstly, calls can now be recorded, which allows you to re-listen to them at a later date. This is beneficial because it allows you to review any pertinent information that may have been missed during the call itself. Additionally, it allows you to review how calls are handled by staff members (this can be a powerful tool in customer service training.)


Monitor your success.

Call tracking also allows you to monitor the success of different ads by linking it with your personal Online Reporting Dashboard.

For example, if we create one advertisement for Facebook and one for Google Adwords, we will give each one a different contact number. Both numbers will redirect to your business phone, but each will trigger a different metric on the dashboard.

When you review the dashboard later, you can see how many people called for the Facebook ad and how many for the Google Adwords ad. This gives you the ability to see which mediums are working the best for your business, and adjust your approach accordingly.

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